Sourcing Fuel for the Ministry of Transport’s Private Cars: What We Know

The leadership of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has announced an electronic tender for the supply of fuel. How much unleaded gasoline and diesel are being procured?

The deadline for submitting offers by fuel companies for the electric tender of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport is coming up. They are acquiring unleaded gasoline and diesel for a total amount of €148,800 for the years 2024 and 2025. The tender requires 33,000 liters of unleaded gasoline and 4,900 liters of diesel separately for both years. The deadline for bid submission is 17th of November, 2023.

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It is noted that the vehicles will be supplied fuel gradually throughout the year at the contractor’s gas station, with the drivers handling the process.

The estimated total value of the contract is €120,000 plus 24% VAT, amounting to €24,800, totaling €148,800. The contract’s duration is until 31/12/2025, with a start no earlier than 1/1/2024. The offer’s price will be given as a discount percentage on the average retail selling price of each fuel type in the Attica region, on the day of delivery, based on the data from the Fuel Price Observatory website ([](

The discount percentage may even be negative, without going beyond 5%, as per the provisions of article 63 of Law 4257/14.

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How much is the ministry paying for fuel?

For comparative purposes, bidders will fill in the specific electronic form for the system’s economic offer, providing the offer price as a two-decimal digit number resulting from subtracting or adding the discount percentage from the Reference Price, rounded to the third decimal point.

The Reference Prices for comparison of offers are as follows:

Reference Price for Diesel: €1.81

Reference Price for Unleaded Gasoline: €1.90

Example: Assume a participant has offered a 12% discount on the Diesel price, their offer price will be €1.59. If a negative discount percentage (e.g., 2%) is offered for Diesel, the offer price will be €1.85. In the event of a price mismatch between the system’s entry and the stated discount percentage in the separate form, the latter prevails.

It is worth noting that the quantities are indicative and the offered discount neither reduces nor increases the contract amount in the event of negative values since the reference prices are adjusted daily, and may increase during the contract’s duration beyond the estimated value.